Discuss traditional ways of diagnosing respiratory diseases

Start with discussing respiratory viruses (airborne and droplet) and the dangers they pose and hence the need for diagnoses and treatment measures for such diseases

Then discuss masks: how they are used now on a daily basis such as managing disease spread and in the medical field as well as how they are used in diagnosing diseases (sampling masks)

Discuss traditional ways of diagnosing respiratory diseases like covid and TB (using sputum, PCR testing, etc) and how this compares in terms of accuracy and how early they can detect viruses to sampling masks.

The evolution of sampling masks throughout history and what current research is done on them/ further areas that have not yet been researched

Discuss different types of masks with emphasis on the ones used in diagnosis (e.g. duckbilled masks), what materials these masks are made from, and the material’s impact on the environment.

The manufacturing process of current sampling masks used and cost if possible and ways that this can be improved (?)

what are the alternative materials these masks can be made out of in order to reduce its cost and/or environmental impact?

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