Evaluate and critique the various counseling theories

You are asked to analyze, evaluate and critique the various counseling theories/approaches covered in your textbook. Please do not simply summarize each theory or simply quote the authors. Rather, evaluate and critique the theory’s view of human nature, its key concepts, the therapeutic process it lays out and the techniques and procedures it applies. Identify with rationale, aspects of each theory/approach you tend to incorporate into your own developing philosophical and applied approach to counseling.

This paper should not be opinion based; you must demonstrate sufficient research and ability to apply the research as a counselor. Each reaction paper body will be between 5-7 pages in length (typed and double-spaced) in proper APA format This paper will focus on the theories covered in chapters 10 (Feminist Theory and Therapy) and 11 (Constructive Theory and Therapy)

You may want your paper to emphasize one of the theories over the others because it is particularly meaningful or relevant to your goals as a counselor. This is acceptable, provided that you still address all theories covered for that assignment, dedicating at least one page to each theory within your paper. Also, elaborate on the application of the theories and techniques and discussing their differences in concept and practice.

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