Promoting a social dimension through work

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) was established to ensure the social dimension was integral to future peace and economic development. The ILO’s mechanism to support countries promoting a social dimension through work is: A To

To provide food parcels to countries suffering from civil war and unrest to support workers who can go to work. A x, " To ban countries from participating in international meetings if they fail to implement decent work. A To adopt labor standards by the delegations of each country and support their implementation through guidance. QUESTION 12 Flexible working arrangements are designed: KW “, " For employees who prove to their organizations that they can be trusted. KW To give employees more choice over how much, where, and when they work. KW To give employers more choice over how much, where, and when their employees work. A Solely for employees who are perceived to be ‘valuable’ to organizations.

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