Public Health Agencies & Health Care

My question is: In order to protect public health in future public health emergencies or pandemics. Which government branch, if any, could overrule states’ police powers and make vaccinations required by all states in America? (so that less lives are lost to future pandemics. In America alone we lost 1.5M people due to COVID-19).

Question 2:  

Public Health Agencies & Health Care 

My question is , is it  realistic to set up some sort of extension agency under COPC to help better connect communities and primary care providers on a more intimate level? Would that fall under COPC’s scope?

Question 3:

There are many controversial legal issues surrounding public health surveillance and disease reporting in the U.S. While it is the governments job to protect the publics health from disease and epidemics, there are certain limitations such as privacy and constitutional rights that create barriers. What type of boundaries should be enforced in monitoring health status and disease reporting’s to avoid violation of privacy, while still managing to protect the public health?


Question 4:

Local Laws

It discussed 10 local laws that may be harming public health. Laws are created to guarantee our rights as citizens against any abuse from the government, people, and organizations also to protect our general safety. Some of these laws may seem as though they are there to protect the public but they are proven to contribute more harm because of the harsh outcomes. The penalties are biased and, in some cases, unreasonable.  Question: Are these local laws unjust for public health?


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