Relationships of the aponeuroses and musculature

Below are two diagrams of the anterior abdominal wall, depicting the relationships of the aponeuroses and musculature, either superior or inferior to the arcuate line. Your task is to download these diagrams, correctly identify BOTH images as being superior or inferior to the arcuate line, and annotate (label) the muscles and aponeuroses of the abdominal wall muscles in BOTH images.


Your diagram should be labeled, and should include arrows. Labels should only include the structure being denoted, not a sentence or more.


no extra information necessary, i.e. do not write paragraphs – all reasoning should be inferred through the labelling and arrows.

*can be drawn by hand (must be neat) OR a stylus OR using .ppt tools,, etc.


ensure Accurate indication of images as superior and inferior to arcuate line and Correct identification of abdominal wall muscles



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