Requirements for workplace equality and diversity

Please help with the following case (would be better to include reliable resources online the make a reference list at the end)

Tri-City Transit operates conventional city buses in Ontario and has approached you, an HR consultant, for assistance in developing recruitment methods and selection strategies. One of the primary goals of this recruitment process is to increase the company’s diversity requirement. Simultaneously, Tri-City Transit wishes to hire qualified candidates to fill 10 Bus Operator positionsThey expect you to:

  1. List and explain at least five stages of the recruitment process that would benefit Tri-City Transit when hiring Bus Operators.
  2. A recruitment plan that ensures diversity:
  3. Please describe how and where the positions will be advertised in order to increase diversity and inclusion.
  4. What are some of the benefits of having a diverse workforce?
  5. Define the screening criteria for these applicants while adhering to the legal requirements for workplace equality and diversity. (Please list at least six recommended/minimum qualifications for the Bus Operator position)
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