The centerpiece of an ever-evolving global economic system

The textbook author calls attention to arguments by leaders of underdeveloped countries, scholars, and activists, that “neoliberal policies are the centerpiece of an ever-evolving global economic system that promotes uneven development and ensures that wealthy countries remain wealthy and poor countries remain poor.” In a recent study, economic growth and globalization are shown to be primary drivers of language speaker declines occurring mainly since the 1970s.

In high-GPD areas, where political and educational developments, socioeconomic dynamics on a global scale, and associated language speaker declines have already driven the extinction of small-ranged languages, leaving primarily large-range, major languages similar to what is noted among threatened bird and mammal species. Without conservation efforts in regions currently experiencing rapid economic growth, this is an elevated risk for language losses in the near future. What dangers exist when languages are lost? Why promote conservation efforts?

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