The importance of having trauma-informed agencies

The importance of having trauma-informed agencies in the communities. please reflect on a time you or someone you know experienced a type of traumatic event.

What resources were available to you at that time? What resources would have been helpful? Were you or your friend or family member knowledgeable about all community resources prior to the incident? Were there any real or perceived barriers to accessing these facilities?

Were you previously familiar with these resources? why or why not? If you were familiar with the resources, please provide information regarding the agency such as mission statement, preferred treatment modalities (if available), etc. you may utilize the NCTSN website for assistance or google.

while creating this journal, please also document any/all emotions that you experienced.

Also, now that you have started your Community Agency Proposal Project, be sure to record any similarities that you encountered and if you now have a better understanding of the way the organization was operating.

What is important in a trauma-informed approach?

The Guiding Values/Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

The Five Guiding Principles are; safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment. Ensuring that the physical and emotional safety of an individual is addressed is the first important step to providing Trauma-Informed Care.

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