The importance of web-based social networking

The purpose of this assignment is to better understand the importance of web-based social networking for Mezzo policy advocacy. It helps to acquire important skills to utilize different social media platforms for the purpose of policy advocacy.

Social networking focuses on building connections between people who have similar interests using a variety of networks that are most often Web-based, so that network members can interact over the Internet. Through social networking, ordinary people, experts, reporters, and so on can exchange ideas, debate issues, and motivate others to take action by sharing media links, videos, and other information.

  • List some popular social media platforms and discuss their advantages when using them to promote the work of an agency or organization?
  • Select an agency or organization, and design a sample Facebook post and tweet. What is important to consider in these two different mediums?
  • Visit the NAMI Facebook page. How has NAMI effectively used Facebook as a means for mezzo policy advocacy?
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