The treatment of autism

Your 4-year-old nephew has been diagnosed with autism. Your dad doesn’t understand what that means. Explain to your dad the symptoms that comprise autistic disorder, and assess the potential for the treatment of autism. Next, your mom blames your brother, saying he’s too permissive and doesn’t give your nephew enough affection. Include in your essay an explanation to your mom why it is no longer believed that parenting plays a role in autism.

2.  Your 13-year-old sister has been diagnosed with ADHD. Your grandmother has no idea what that means, but she is very worried—she has heard that kids who get diagnosed with this disorder get put in “dumb” classes. Describe to your grandmother the symptoms of ADHD and assess the potential for treatment. In your essay be sure to explain to your grandmother the main concern for children diagnosed with ADHD, and evaluate ways that this concern may be addressed.

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