Types of listening styles

For this assignment, you will identify, explain, and provide examples of the four types of listening styles discussed in the textbook.


  1. Review the four types of listening styles in the textbook and in the learning activities assigned for this module.
  2. Reflect on your own listening style/styles.
  3. Describe a time at work, at school, or in your personal life when your listening style proved effective, or ineffective. How could you have altered your style for that situation to change the outcome?
  4. Write a two- to three-page descriptive essay, not counting the title page and the references page, that defines each of the listening styles and addresses the questions above.
  5. While including cited terms and concepts are important, the bulk of this essay should relate to your own experience.

Suggested structure: Introduction paragraph that includes a main idea, multiple body paragraphs with evidence and support, and a conclusion paragraph that wraps it up.

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