Using the principles of classical conditioning

Using the principles of classical conditioning, discuss Billy and Daphne’s behaviour whenever their foster parents drive past a McDonald’s.

Billy and Daphne were placed in foster care at birth as both their parents are serving time behind bars.

Once a week, however, their biological mother is allowed to pay them a visit at the foster family’s home and, for an hour, take them out of the foster home for a meal under close prisonassigned supervision.

Each week, Billy and Daphne’s mother takes them out to McDonald’s for their supervised outdoor meal. As a result, each time the foster family drives past a McDonald’s branch, Billy and Daphne both get excited and plead with their foster parents to dine there.

However, the foster parents are trying to reduce the children’s intake of McDonald’s as fast food is not good for their health.

In your answer, also identify the CS, CR, US, and UR, and recommend an ethical classical conditioning treatment plan that could help reduce the level of excitement the two children have whenever they pass by a McDonald’s branch.

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